Vaidya Jasmine Sehgal, M.D. (Ayu.)

Ayurvedic Dietetics and Wellness Expert


Trilok Ayurveda
270, Nirmal Block – B, Tehri Punarvas Sthal, Pashulok, Rishikesh – 249201 (UK)
475, Lane-8, Street-8, Rajendra Nagar, Dehradun – 248001 (UK)
Ph.: +91-9758253472, +91-9837071030
Email: jasmine@trilokayurveda.com, jasminesehgal20@gmail.com

Educational Qualification

M.D. (Ayu.) (Sch.), Samhita and Sidhanta,
Uttaranchal Ayurvedic Medical College, Dehradun,
Uttarakhand Ayurved University, Uttarakhand, India.
B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), 67.70%
Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar,
Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjab, India.
: March 2000

* Thesis Title :

A Critical Study of Ayurvedic Dietetics, in Vrihatrayi with respect to Ritu (Season)

Professional Experience

   An Ayurvedic consultant, with expertise in Ayurvedic Dietetic and Wellness since March 2000.
Life-Style corrections are a prerequisite to treat Life-Style Disorders. An expert in Ayurvedic Dietetics and Lifestyle management, she has been instrumental in conceptualizing and initiating “Trilok Ayurveda Wellness Center” nestled in the quaint environs of Himalayas settled at the banks of divine Ganga.
Today’s lifestyle pattern of hurry and worry and instant food has become a cause of many lifestyle related disorders, which do not have any answers in contemporary medical science.
From “Illness to Wellness”, “Nirvana” is the core program of Trilok Ayurveda, dedicated to improving total health in terms of mind, body and soul detoxification and rejuvenation. It encompasses Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Panchkarma, Healthy diet and life-style related guidelines, Nadi pariksha (pulse assessment) and Ayurvedic Consultations.
Each and every aspect of this program is tailor-made in accordance with individual constitution of ‘Tridoshas’. It is this uniqueness that has attracted people from all over the world to meet their health needs.