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Sunday, March 01, 2015  
Col.HP SinghCol.H.P.Singh, Age:87, was out and out a disciplinarian, defense personnel who fought in World War II and defended Indian boundaries in 1962 during Chinese Aggression is an Alzheimer’s patient ...
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Panchkarma Namaste Dr. Harsh,

You were very right to warn us for the heat the day we left so we were lucky to have an a/c-car. I normally hate a/c, but now it was welcome with head and shoulders covered up. We had a good trip home, but it was very long from door to door!

Hereby you find mine conclusion about the Panchakarma treatment as I promised to send you. It took a while, because like in Rishikesh I needed time to land and come home completely.

From friends I heard the good experiences they got by doing Panchakarma treatment and I decided to do so myself. I was not ill, but wanted to loose weight and detoxify my body.

After the diagnosis according to your body type and health, the treatment is arranged just for you and so you will find the best result for your health. Along the treatments you have to practice yoga and meditation as well, because the program covers body, mind and soul.

So you got work to do, but it is worth it!

The massages are extensive and powerful. All kind of massage techniques are used - oil and scrub and special head massage, that is very relaxing. After some oily days there is a steam bath to let all the troubles out and you find yourself clean and new.

With the treatments goes a healthy diet with herbs and special medicines on Ayurvedic base that will bring the toxins out and also burns fat. After every treatment you can have a shower, soap, shampoo and towels are included.

After some days the detox starts working and you find the results encouraging by loosing weight, a clear head, relaxed feeling, a sound sleep and a more flexible body. In the end there is a special cleaning of eyes, ears and nose.

A special item is the personal coaching of Dr.Harsh Sehgal in every way, as explanation of the treatments, food, lifestyle, meditation and yoga. Beware, he sees through you and when you have a day of weakness and stress, he finds a way to encourage you to new efforts.

The results for me? I lost 6 kg and 1 kg at home and it is still going down very slowly.

A much more flexible body, feeling 10 years younger, nails and hair in a better shape and even where I lost my hair 25 years ago, new hair is growing! My hairdresser was amazed to see so and jealous. I advised her to get rid of all her products that promise a lot but do not help and step over to head massage with oil!

When I came home from India, my daughter said: Mama, you get younger and I get older. That is not fair! My friends saw the difference and were a bit envious. My 3 sons where amazed and asked; what happened to you, how come? So I told the whole story and showed the pictures. My meals are some days like Rishikesh, other days the old way, except meat. Yoga, pranayam and meditation I do when I can, mostly 3 times a week.

So, for me the Panchakarma was perfect and the stay in India an adventure. Glad I did it!

The first week in India was for me just a survival, but then it changed in a wonderful time. I feel blessed and grateful for all I heard, saw, felt and learned in Rishikesh. The most difficult item for me was “surrender”, and this was the main reason for coming to India! Now I know... I have always been planning and controlling life or things to happen. “Just let it be” was a problem, but not anymore. Surrender to God, surrender to Life itself and no hesitations or questioning “why”. That is a relief!

I cannot point out what brought me to this level. I think it was the whole of experiences, the treatments, the detox, food, medicines, the people, mountains, climate and the special energy that vibrates in the air.

Last but not least your guidance, patience and wise remarks every day. Thank you Dr. Harsh.

Ms.Gisela Heinen, 73 years old
the Netherlands

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