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Basics Principles of Ayurveda
2. Dhatus

These are the basics tissues, which maintain and nourish the body and mind. Dhatus take different forms inside the body to maintain life. The quality and quantity of each dhatu and its balanced functioning is very important for good health.
Following are 7 Dhatus:

  • Rasa (plasma/fluid)-it is derived from digested food
  • Rakta (blood)-it imparts colour to the body and is similar to the blood cells.
  • Mamsa (muscle)-it is derived from blood and lends strength to the body.
  • Meda (fat)-comes from mamsa and it gives lubrication and energy to the body.
  • Asthi (bone)-consists of bones and cartilages and gives strength to meda and mamsa.
  • Majja (marrow)-it is the red white bone marrow. It gives viscidity to the body.
  • Shukra (reproductive fluid)-comes from the core of majja and is vital for reproduction.

Out of these shukra is considered most precious. One should be modest in using the dhatu. It should not be wasted. Every dhatu is the precursor of next dhatu.

Rasa → Rakta → Mamsa → Meda → Asthi → Majja → Shukra

There are signs of dhatu deficit as well as dhatu increase (beyond normal range). Wasting of dhatus causes collapse of body construction leading to death.

3. Malas

One of the key points in maintaining health is proper elimination of wastes from the body. For proper elimination of malas tridoshas must be in balanced state. Three main malas

According to Ayurveda:

  • Mutra (urine)-eliminates excess water and some water soluble wastes from the body.
  • Purisha (faeces)-It is the waste material of solid foods. Its quality depends upon the diet consumed, water intake, negative emotions like anxiety, worry, tensions also impede the elimination process.
  • Sweda (sweat)-it is the waste product of meda dhatu(fat).It is eliminated from pores. It carries away excess fat, water, and salts.
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